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Seminars of interest

There are a couple of seminars coming up that may be of interest.

Today (15/03/2012) the biosciences seminar will be given by Professor Nick Read (University of Edinburgh) in Laver LT6 at 1pm (please note the later than usual start time). The talk title is “Spore germination and infection in filamentous fungi”.

Sadly, the Physics Colloquium this Friday, ‘Phase Separation and Pattern Formation in Motile Bacteria’ to be given by Professor Michael Cates (also from the University of Edinburgh), will clash with the Robustness in Biology and Engineering workshop organised by Sabina Leonelli and Orkun Soyer that I know was of interest to many students. As will the seminar from Professor John Clough (Syngenta) in Hatherly B10 at 10am (Friday 16th March). The talk title is “Natural products as leads for the discovery of new crop protection chemicals”.

Finally, this is a seminar date for your diaries: 29/03/2012. David Strudwick will be talking about the Blackawton Primary School research “Sensory perception in bumble bees”. A fine example of student research success. Blackawton Primary School students were published in the Royal Society Biology Letters after putting forward questions, devising their own hypothesis and testing them with their own experimental plan. There was a lot of coverage at the time, here is the Guardian’s summary hitting the nail on the head,

The Blackawton Primary School students … were given a wonderful opportunity to experience something that most people fail to appreciate at school: science is a creative activity. What a thrill it must have been for the Blackawton students to learn that they’d found out something that no one else has known before.

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