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iGEM – extending the reach of synthetic biology

Here is an article from Integrated DNA Technologies that is well worth a read. IDT sponsored 11 teams in the 2011 iGEM competition.

In the article, iGEM – extending the reach of synthetic biology, they showcase four of those teams: VitaYeast – Combating Malnutrition with Vitamin-Enhanced Bread (Johns Hopkins), Natural Antifreeze – Characterizing a Novel Hyperactive Cryoprotector From a Beetle (Yale), Biofactory – A Continuous Flow Cell–Free Biochemical Pathway (Cornell – warning: link contains dramatic background music) and Tailings Pond Clean Up Kit (Lethbridge).

Here is the Johns Hopkins introductory video – improving on sliced bread, whilst Cornell also came up with some stunning animations (CornelliGEM on youtube):

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