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Exeter iGEM human practises panel

More details of the Exeter teams ‘Human Practises’ panel are emerging. The e-candi team are preparing a short introduction to the iGEM competition and their project (a world of bespoke polysaccharides), followed by the ways in which they see their work impacting on business and society. In addition they will be considering some of the ethical considerations of synthetic biology in general.

For each topic there will be a Q&A session with a panel comprising David Santillo (Honorary Research Fellow, Greenpeace), Richard Owen (Chair in Responsible Innovation at the University of Exeter Business School) and others (to be confirmed). Following each Q&A session, the debate will be open to the audience. The team hope to be joined by some of the work experience students that have been involved in the project this “summer“.

The event is taking place this Friday (01/08/2012) at 2pm in the Laver Building LT6 (Streatham Campus) and if the recording facilities can be mastered it will be available on their wiki at a future date. If you are in Exeter and are interested please come along. There will be tea and cakes.

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