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6 years and counting: PLOS Collections

PLOS One has launched the Synthetic Biology Collection, a collection of over 50 papers published in the last six years (all open access, of course):

This collection aims to highlight PLOS ONE’s role in the emerging interdisciplinary field of synthetic biology. The collection has its roots in PLOS ONE’s very first issue, which included two publications from the field and since then, the number of synthetic biology articles published by the journal has grown steadily. As the field continues to develop, this collection will be updated to include new publications, thereby tracking the evolution of this dynamic research area.

Moreover, there is a comment section for each paper, allowing post peer-review, peer-review:

One overarching theme of synthetic biology is standardization, which can only be achieved through concerted community effort. To this end, each article published in PLOS ONE can be the start of a lively conversation. The ability to comment on articles provides the community with a means to engage in a dialogue focused on specific articles, and the “Share this Article” feature allows readers to quickly send an article they find interesting to their entire networks, because all the content is openly accessible.

There’s plenty to be getting on with. The Synthetic Biology (2012) PLOS Collections can be found here:

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