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iGEM UK meet up: videos available

Friday saw the nine UK iGEM teams meet up at Google Campus, London to share their projects ideas, progress so far and also do a spot of iGEM networking (oh, and check out the competition of course). The event was streamed live and the videos have now been made available here. Thanks to Richard Kelwick and NRP UEA iGEM team for their hard work putting this together. An enjoyable programme, and as newbies in this competition it was great to put what we are doing into perspective.

The Exeter iGEM presentation is below. Very well done Becca, Freddie and Andy. Shame the video quality is not as good as one might expect, but the sound is OK so it is easy enough to follow.

The event was introduced by iGEM stalwart Tom Ellis from Imperial College London – who had plenty of good advice for the teams, and was concluded with an impromptu turn by Adam “spider-goat” Rutherford (in which I learnt that I cloned twice as many genes for my PhD than he did – woo hoo. Our undergraduates have already cloned five times the number I did, however – I think that proves your point, Adam). The students even managed a mini iGEM photo, below (with more photos available here).

Fig. 1. UK iGEM teams

Fig. 1. UK iGEM teams

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