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DNA2.0 seminar in Exeter

Just a very quick note to say that Claes Gustafsson, co-founder of synbio company DNA2.0 (far right), will be giving a seminar on gene design and their protein/pathway engineering platform on Wednesday 20th March at 3pm in GP328a. I’m sure this will be of interest to many.

Title: Use of Infologs to Accelerate Bioengineering


Recent advances in gene synthesis and bioinformatics have greatly improved our ability to functionally engineer biological sequences to the users specifications. Full control over features such as amino acid substitutions, codon bias and mRNA structure allows systematic study of how the gene sequence impacts function and expression. We will present several successful case studies where informatics-driven gene synthesis is applied for the improvement of heterologous expression of genes and for the engineering of novel protein functionality.

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