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iGEM Exeter 2014: Call for Applicants

Calling Exeter Students.

Applications for Exeter’s iGEM 2014 team are now invited. As I hope you are aware in our first year we achieved bronze, last year silver and this year…well, no pressure.

We are looking to build a multidisciplinary team of 10 students with likely representation from Physics, Maths, Engineering, Computer Science, Biosciences, Psychology and Business.  Each student will have a role and responsibility for delivering on different aspects of the project (for example, the wiki, molecular parts characterisation, modelling, public awareness/engagement, enterprise potential), but of course this is a team effort: you will be expected to learn about and be able to discuss the disciplines and approaches of your colleagues.

If you’ve taken part in the Grand Challenges last year then you’ll already have an idea of how this can work.

Read more about iGEM projects here, here and watch here.

The main body of the work will be performed as a 10-week paid internship during the summer.

If you want to apply, please send:

  • a paragraph explaining your interest in Synthetic Biology and the issues it raises for you, and why you want to be on the team,
  • your CV (2 pages max!)

No later than the 31/01/14, to John Love.

Good luck!

p.s. Applicants cannot be in the final year of their degree – sorry.

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