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BioDynamics Workshop: Emergent Dynamics of Complex Biological Networks @University of Exeter

Forthcoming event that may be of interest to some in Exeter, I will append the registration details when they are announced.

BioDynamics Workshop: Emergent Dynamics of Complex Biological Networks, 23-24 June 2014, University of Exeter

As part of the ongoing BioDynamics initiative the University is hosting a two day international workshop on the 23-24 June 2014.

The aim of this event is to bring together biologists and mathematicians using cutting-edge techniques (theoretical and/or experimental) to understand the emergent dynamics of complex biological networks. The meeting seeks to stimulate multidisciplinary discussion, encourage the sharing of current ideas and approaches, and lead to rewarding future collaborations between theoretical and experimental scientists.

Registration will open in due course and up-to-date information can be found here.

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