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The Quanticare Cura Tattoo

Just sneaking in before wiki freeze, the team from Norwich Research Park – University of East Anglia (NRP-UEA iGEM 2012) also managed a product launch: Quanticare Cura Tattoo.

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The 1st public biobrick: exploring public access to the tools of synthetic biology

For those in London next week, University College London are hosting a synthetic biology exhibition and Q&A session. 

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Exeter iGEM human practises panel

More details of the Exeter teams ‘Human Practises’ panel are emerging. The e-candi team are preparing a short introduction to the iGEM competition and their project (a world of bespoke polysaccharides), followed by the ways in which they see their work impacting on business and society.

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Synthetic ecology and the SynBio landscape

The 4th Domain will be a little quiet over the next few months, mainly due to the upcoming iGEM competition.   Follow the link to see how we are doing. In the meantime there are two papers I would like to draw your attention to.

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Alphabetti Biology

In addition to David Shukman’s upcoming appearance on BBC R4, he has written an article on the BBC news website on synthetic biology, which will be added to tomorrow.  Find the article here.  Some ‘interesting’ posts in the ‘Your comments’ section at the bottom…