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BioDynamics Workshop: Emergent Dynamics of Complex Biological Networks @University of Exeter

Forthcoming event that may be of interest to some in Exeter, I will append the registration details when they are announced. BioDynamics Workshop: Emergent Dynamics of Complex Biological Networks, 23-24 June 2014, University of Exeter As part of the ongoing BioDynamics initiative the University is hosting a two day international workshop on the 23-24 June 2014. […]

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We won an award…!

…and very nice it is too. We were delighted to be shortlisted for one of the University of Exeter’s Impact Awards in the Outstanding Impact in Technology section for our work developing industry-friendly biofuel molecules. The event itself was fascinating to be at. Its not very often you get to see what is happening across the institution where […]

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The New Enlightenment: 2012 Dimbleby Lecture.

For all of you who are interested in science and its place in the intellectual, ethical, practical and economic life of the nation, here is this year’s BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture. Sir Paul Nurse gives a passionate and galvanising view of scientific practice and its consequences in the 2012 lecture. Not strictly synthetic biology, but essential watching!

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Horizontal gene transfer is a process where useful genes are transferred between species. It is common in prokaryotes, but here’s a more rare example of the phenomenon across 2 kingdoms of life. A natural version of synthetic biology. Read all about it here and here.