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Harvard iGEM 2010

The iGEM team from Harvard 2010, and their iGarden have found their way to publication in the Journal of Biological Engineering. Their new paper, “A BioBrick compatible strategy for genetic modification of plants“

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How To Grow A Planet (featuring Exeter Biosciences)

Tune in to BBC2 on Tuesday 7th Feb @ 9pm to see University of Exeter Plant Science on the telly!  This first episode of a new three-part series, “How To Grow A Planet“, features an experiment I performed especially for the programme, which aimed to visualise communication between plants.

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Deep see!

We’ve just published a JoVE protocol showing how to use perfluorodecalin to image plant leaves at depth. This is a simple video which summarises the technique used in our 2010 paper on infiltrative imaging.