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iGEM UK meet up: videos available

Friday saw the nine UK iGEM teams meet up at Google Campus, London to share their projects ideas, progress so far and also do a spot of iGEM networking (oh, and check out the competition of course). The event was streamed live and the videos have now been made available here.

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Exeter iGEM human practises panel

More details of the Exeter teams ‘Human Practises’ panel are emerging. The e-candi team are preparing a short introduction to the iGEM competition and their project (a world of bespoke polysaccharides), followed by the ways in which they see their work impacting on business and society.

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I’m not sure if this has been circulated previously, but a biotech/synbio conference organised by students & post-docs at Cambridge Uni is open for registration…see info here.

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Seminars of interest

There are a couple of seminars coming up that may be of interest. Today (15/03/2012) the biosciences seminar will be given by Professor Nick Read (University of Edinburgh) in Laver LT6 at 1pm (please note the later than usual start time). The talk title is “Spore germination and infection in filamentous fungi”.

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Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre

This Friday (2nd March) Professor Julyan Cartwright (Universidad de Granada) will be giving the following seminar: “Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre.” The seminar will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 in Newman D.