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Understanding and Engineering Biological Complexity

This summer, myself, John Love and Markus Gershater (Synthace) are organising a session at the SEB AGM in Prague. The session is called Understanding and Engineering Biological Complexity. More information can be found on the SEB website. Confirmed speakers include Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou Bioscience), Phil Ramsey (University of New Hampshire), Claes Gustafsson (DNA2.0) and Srividya […]

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Multi-enzyme pathway engineering

Engineering metabolic pathways, whether for pharmaceuticals or fuels, involves many trade-offs. Flux imbalances (for example where flux through the first step exceeds flux through the second) can lead to the accumulation of toxic intermediates. Moreover, expressing heterologous proteins beyond that which is necessary can place a burden upon the cell for protein, rather than product, […]

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Synthetic Biology PhD positions at Exeter

Any recent graduates or undergraduates in their final year looking for PhD positions in synthetic biology, take note: there are six synthetic biology PhD studentships available at the University of Exeter looking at biomethane-producing microbial communities (BMCs).

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Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre

This Friday (2nd March) Professor Julyan Cartwright (Universidad de Granada) will be giving the following seminar: “Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre.” The seminar will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 in Newman D.