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Data storage in living cells

There’s a lot of interest (including at the Beeb) in a new paper from Drew Endy published in PNAS: rewritable digital data storage in live cells via engineered control of recombination directionality.

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Synthetic biology interviews

Sam Gaty and George Costakis are producing a documentary covering the first 10 or so years of synthetic biology. I don’t know what stage the project is currently at, but they have made some interviews available on their website that you may find interesting.

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Drew Endy discusses synthetic biology

Drew Endy from 2008, discussing what he wants to do with synthetic biology and why. In it he touches on perhaps the most important aspect of synthetic biology to biologists: learning by building.

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Synthetic biology…explained!

Welcome to the 4th Domain. This blog is intended to introduce students (and maybe even some staff) at the University of Exeter to current topics in synthetic biology and biotechnology. It is hoped that it may also prove to be a useful tool to showcase some of the exciting developments in modern biology