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6 years and counting: PLOS Collections

PLOS One has launched the Synthetic Biology Collection, a collection of over 50 papers published in the last six years (all open access, of course): This collection aims to highlight PLOS ONE’s role in the emerging interdisciplinary field of synthetic biology. The collection has its roots in PLOS ONE’s very first issue, which included two publications […]

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10 emerging technologies for 2012

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology only make it to no. 2 on this World Economic Forum list of emerging technologies for 2012. Something will have to be done!

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Parts & Pipes – know your biology

This paper from Patrick Boyle and Pam Silver at Harvard/the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering (and who wouldn’t want to work there!) gives a nice comparison of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.  If you thought it was all a cut-and-paste process with a large element of luck, then think again.