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6 years and counting: PLOS Collections

PLOS One has launched the Synthetic Biology Collection, a collection of over 50 papers published in the last six years (all open access, of course): This collection aims to highlight PLOS ONE’s role in the emerging interdisciplinary field of synthetic biology. The collection has its roots in PLOS ONE’s very first issue, which included two publications […]

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Synthetic biology could control your mind

Here’s a typically scary interesting story from the Daily Mail. The article asks: could synthetic biology lead to mind hackers? (Whilst I was surprised that the Mail was aware of synthetic biology, I was even more surprised that there was no mention of whether or not synthetic biology causes or cures cancer).

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The online, arsenic lab. book

There was plenty of controversy generated at the end of 2010 by the suggestion that a particular Halophilic bacteria (GFA-J1) could incorporate arsenic into DNA in place of phosphorous. But perhaps the most interesting outcome was not the research itself, but the online response.

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Science special issue

There have been a number of reviews and special issues dedicated to the developing field of synthetic biology. These, I am sure, will be getting a mention as time goes on. As a first offering though I will draw attention to a special issue of Science from last autumn (2nd September 2011).