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Foldit article in Nature Biotechnology

For those interested in crowd-sourcing biological conundrums, there is an article in Nature Biotechnology about Foldit, the online protein folding game – solving puzzles for science.

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Advice for iGEM teams – from an iGEM judge

Rob Carlson, an iGEM judge the last few years, has a blog called synthesis. Those interested in the future of technology should read Rob’s ideas for 2050. In the short-term however, for those of us in Exeter entering the competition for the first time, Rob’s advice for future iGEM teams is essential reading.

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Deep see!

We’ve just published a JoVE protocol showing how to use perfluorodecalin to image plant leaves at depth. This is a simple video which summarises the technique used in our 2010 paper on infiltrative imaging.

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3D tissue printing – update

Update: In what will probably be typical for this blog, shortly after posting an article on 3D bone printing from TU Munich 2011, further information came to light. Here is some more on 3D tissue printing that may be of interest from Lawrence Bonassar at Cornell

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iGEM showcase part 2: Materials Science

In the first post of this series I looked at the last three winners of the iGEM Grand Prize: University of Washington, Team Slovenia and the University of Cambridge. In the second post I shall cover three imaginative iGEM projects which set out to produce useful materials in novel ways; namely Blood, Bone, and Concrete.

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Body cheese in Berlin

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg has a new video on YouTube discussing the role of design in synthetic biology. In it she discusses E. chromi, the synthetic aesthetics group and body cheese in Berlin.

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