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Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre

This Friday (2nd March) Professor Julyan Cartwright (Universidad de Granada) will be giving the following seminar: “Self-organization and self-assembly in biological materials: the example of nacre.” The seminar will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 in Newman D. Like this:Like Loading…

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DNA origami nanorobots

There’s a new report in Science, “a logic-gated nanorobot for targeted transport of molecular payloads” from Shawn Douglas, Ido Bachelet and George Church with plenty of coverage, including Nature, New Scientist and SynBio champion the Daily Mail. There is also an accompanying video (below). Like this:Like Loading…

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Synthetic Biology Scorecard from the Woodrow Wilson Center

Click here for information from SynBio.org (Cambridge synthetic biology resources) regarding a new web-based Synthetic Biology Scorecard project. This project is run by the Woodrow Wilson Center and is designed to track efforts to improve the governance of synthetic biology research and development so risks are minimized and broad social and economic benefits can be realised. Like this:Like […]

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Biosecurity on BBC R4

BBC Radio 4pm tonight at 8pm, File on 4 discusses Biosecurity, …a rapidly developing branch of science known as ‘synthetic biology’ offers dramatic possibilities for developing new vaccines and targeting many lethal diseases. But does it also increase the risk that newly-created organisms could be used for harmful purposes Like this:Like Loading…

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How To Grow A Planet (featuring Exeter Biosciences)

Tune in to BBC2 on Tuesday 7th Feb @ 9pm to see University of Exeter Plant Science on the telly!  This first episode of a new three-part series, “How To Grow A Planet“, features an experiment I performed especially for the programme, which aimed to visualise communication between plants. Like this:Like Loading…

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