Dr Fabio Boschetti is a PDRA working at University of Exeter on the: "Do dryland ecosystems control variability and recent trends in the land CO2 sink?" project - led by Prof Richard Brazier.  The Driving-C project is centred in the water limited ecosystems of the S.W. United States. As part of his research, Fabio is using the Eddy Covariance to measure photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration from these ecosystems.

Fabio Boschetti at the Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) site, US
Silvio Stivanello in Ankasa, Ghana

Silvio Stivanello is a senior research technician working at Cardiff University on the: "Lightning: An invisible driver of tree mortality in the tropics?" project.  Silvio has expertise in micrometeorological measurements, but on this project helps coordinate/undertake the fieldwork in Ghana and Nigeria, as well as working in the Morgan Botti Lightning Laboratory in Cardiff University (with Prof Manu Haddad).

Dr Jon McCalmont is a PDRA working at University of Exeter on the: "Ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics of tropical peatland (ECaNDoTP): A comprehensive assessment of carbon dynamics of forest conversion to oil palm plantation".  Following a BSc in conservation and countryside management completed as a mature student after a career in forestry, Jon McCalmont completed his PhD  Aberystwyth University in 2014.

Jon McCalmont at the Malaysian Oil Palm sites

Dr Rob Clement is a PDRA at the University of Exeter working on the development and implementation of replicated Eddy Covariance as part of the project:  "Economical Flux Based Assessments of Nature Based Solutions". Originally trained as a meteorologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Rob first became interested in flux measurements when doing his masters work at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Rob moved to the University of Edinburgh in 1996 where he completed a PhD and developed the EdiRe software tool for flux analysis. Further details about Rob's research interests can be found here.

Kennedy Lewis is currently undertaking a Masters by Research at the University of Exeter focusing on "L-band radar as a tool to Monitor changes in Above Ground Biomass following Oil Palm plantation expansion in tropical peatland forests".


Frances Manning has finished her PhD on "Carbon dynamics in oil palm agro-ecosystems" at the University of Aberdeen, UK. Fran's main supervisor is Yit Arn Teh and she has been working in Malaysia on the Oil Palm project.

Frances Manning

Andrew Cox has completed his Masters by Research at the University of Exeter focusing on "The use of L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar for estimating above ground biomass in tropical woodland and forest environments". He is now continuing his studies as a PhD student.

Mel Chocholek, currently based at the University of St Andrews, has been working with me as a research associate since the start of the CBESS project, has been in the mix setting up replicated EC towers in Scotland and is currently working with me on the Malaysian Palm Oil Project.

Mel Chocholek

Graham Hambley finished his PhD on "The effect of forest-to-bog restoration on net ecosystem exchange in The Flow Country peatlands" in 2016 at the University of St Andrews, UK. Graham can be contacted onemail

Viktoria Oliver finished her PhD on "The effect of land use on soil organic carbon dynamics in the Peruvian Andes" at the University of St Andrews, UK, in 2014. Viktoria was primarily supervised by Yit Arn Teh and is currently at the University of Aberdeen, working on the GreenRice Project.

Viktoria Oliver

Michael Musgrave finished his PhD on "Carbon and the commons in the Zambezi teak (Baikiaea plurijuga, Harms) forests of western Zambia: sustainable forest management for commodity and community" at the University of St Andrews, UK, in 2014. Michael was primarily supervised by Rehema White, while I helped in minor ways.  Michael is currently at Keele University.