We have put together some details which are designed to support students who have participated in the Showcase and wish to explore some of the themes raised or take their research further.


You could present your research in full at a national conference!

The British Conference of Undergraduate Research is an annual event celebrating undergraduate research across all disciplines in the Spring. Undergraduates of all levels are invited to submit papers, posters, workshops and performances to the conference. Each of the submitted abstracts are peer-reviewed and those accepted are invited to attend the conference, which takes place at a different university each year.

This year, they are expecting over 600 attendees for the online conference hosted by the University of Leeds from 12-13 April 2021. If you would like to submit an abstract to be considered for the Conference, please see the event website for more details. If you have been accepted to attend, be sure to read their guidance on delivering an oral presentation and producing an effective research poster.


If you are interested in having your work published, there are a number of options to explore.

In previous years, a select few of our participants have had their work published in connection with the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, for example, Ferdinand J. O. Boucher who had his research on Gender Dysphoria published in Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics.

Various Students’ Guild and Students’ Union societies have subject-specific journals, magazines and blogs so take a look at your academic society.

Undergraduate Science Journal

The Undergraduate Science Journal is an award-winning academic journal for students at the University of Exeter. Started by students, it works to showcase the excellent work being carried out by undergraduate scientists from CLES, CEMPS and UEMS. The journal is split into three sections, Popular Science, Articles and Reports. The Popular Science section is aimed at those from a non-STEM background, with content being accessible to all. The Articles and Reports sections are more for those who are within STEM and have an interest in research.

British Undergraduate Review

The British Undergraduate Review is non-profit, student run organisation which provides university students across the United Kingdom with a platform for research and discussion. The Review promotes and celebrates outstanding undergraduate research in Philosophy, Politics, Law and History. This work can take the form of articles, essays and book reviews. The organisation also provides an outlet for topical, timelier and more accessible work on its blog. All organisational and editorial decisions are made by the Editorial Board which is composed of undergraduate and postgraduate students. As the Review selects editors on a rolling basis, it welcomes applications all year round.


If you are interested in continuing to work on your project, and would like some support with this, there are a number of initiatives available at the University.

Student Startups

The Student Startup team helps you to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset and equips you with the practical toolkit necessary to inspire innovative ideas and create entrepreneurial solutions. You will learn how to undertake rigorous market validation and develop and launch viable and sustainable new enterprises. This is done through a combination of interactive workshops and events, 1-2-1 advising and by facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration. Our goal is to provide inspiration, training, guidance, support and funding opportunities to promote, nurture and enable entrepreneurship during university and post-graduation.

Global Entrepreneurial Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an annual event in term 1 and is the world’s biggest celebration of entrepreneurship with 180 countries taking part. As part of GEW, the Career Zone hosts a range of events to inspire and help you explore the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to go freelance, be self-employed, start-up your own business or to become an entrepreneurial employee.


A student-led society and part of an international non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.  They provide a platform for student teams to create sustainable solutions for society’s biggest challenges. Their work transforms both the lives of the people they serve, and the lives of its student members as they develop into more effective, value-driven leaders.


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund raises money from alumni, parents, staff and friends of the University to support projects which enhance the student experience. To be awarded funding, projects must demonstrate that they will enhance the student experience across the wider student community, benefitting current and future generations of students and making Exeter an even better place to live and study.


There are also other opportunities to enhance the skills you have developed during your research and gain other relevant experiences.

Challenges Online (Grand Challenges)

Challenges Online is a week-long online programme where you will collaborate with other students to tackle a real world challenge, with support from leading academics and postgraduate facilitators. You will have the freedom to focus on the questions and issues you are most passionate about, and create a project that aims to make a difference. Following the Challenges Online week, the University can support you to continue with your projects so you can make a longer-term impact.

Global Leadership Experience

A week-long immersive visit to a fascinating foreign city where you will be faced with challenges you would not ordinarily face in the UK. You are taken abroad and submerged in local life to tackle a global challenge. Students go beneath the surface of the city and develop their self-leadership and employability in the process.

Education Incubator

The Incubator supports academics from across the University by creating spaces in which they can explore and develop pedagogic innovations and ideas. They are running 18 projects under four themes in 2020/21. The projects come from across the University and a range of disciplinary perspectives. This year the projects are involved in implementing and evaluating innovative online teaching, developing alternative pedagogical approaches, and creating new educational support mechanisms for non-traditional student groups. The outputs and outcomes from these fellowship projects will be showcased and shared across the University and beyond.

Green Consultants

An award winning programme designed to provide students with additional skills and experience required to work in the highly competitive environmental and sustainability sector. As well as an interactive programme of learning to train you as junior consultants, you will gain practical experience through working on live business projects, with real clients within the University. There will also be an opportunity to apply your skills and experience in a relevant placement with an external organisation.

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