We are Naked!

That got your attention didn’t it? Not that we regularly blog naked, erm anyway, I am actually referring to the University of Exeter 3D campus which is taking shape.

Rich has done a great job simplifying our campus model ready for texturing and applying textures to the first model. You have him to thank for the “we’re naked” title as well. Now we need clothes for our models, that is where you come in! As an example we have textured the Northcott Theatre and had it approved and uploaded to Google Earth. So I thought a great way to show it off would be to use a cloud based screencasting service to make a fly over. The textures used were taken with just a mobile phone to show what is possible with a simple camera.


When we have textured some more buildings and planted virtual trees we’ll make a much smoother HD fly over video. The aim is to make the campus available through Google Earth with a wide range of inter-related geo location based data joining together to form our GeoWeb presence. This will enable people to virtually experience our campus and show the range and quality of our services and teaching that we can offer by linking to our own website, podcasts, other rss feeds, and wikipedia articles together with Geo location relationships.

We need your help, send us your photos to be included on our 3D campus.

Watch this space! St lukes campus coming soon.

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