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  1. Rich
    Rich 1st Mar, 2010 at 10:52 am | |

    Unlike Darren I’m very fond of newspapers, for me flicking through the supplements is still my preferred Sunday morning activity (not that I get the chance very often!), but there’s definitely something shifting in the marketplace more generally. Like many people I would say that on average I still tend to read longer and more complex articles on paper, and use digital media for shoter, more bite size content. Whether that’s chicken or egg is debateable – is the digital medium naturally more suited to that type of content, or is it just that most of the content online tends to be short and less complex. Perhaps because the majority of web content tends to be written by less able writers, a product of their inexperience is that the articles are less complex? Writing is after all a skill, and though pretty much all of us can do it, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can all do it well. I write a lot online, but I know I’m not a particularly talented writer – you only have to read the work of someone with the talent to spot the difference, and feel the time slide away as you become wrapped up in their world.

    Thinking about a real world example of paper versus digital I’ve been very dissappointed by the new UK Wired magazine that I took out a subscription for recently. I was very exicted about the launch of this, thinking that it would be a rich, thorough and overall deeper exploration of all that was happening in new technologies. Instead I’ve generally found it full of lightweight summaries of existing tech, a fair sprinkling of what seems to me simple nepotism, far too many adverts … and even articles about tooth whitening! Not exactly the kind of tech news I was expecting. It’s a lovely physical object, they’ve put a lot of effort into choices on inks, papers, glues, etc. but the content is a bit lacking in my opinion.

    I certainly agree that we’ll see more digital publication, and tools such as the iPad (and other future possibilities – e.g. http://j.mp/97DlL6) will be fundamental to their uptake, but I think the bottom line is the quality of the content itself will remain the key to success. Whether paper or digital, glossy photographs or interactive video, seems to me it’s the quality of the individual piece of content that counts at the end of the day.

  2. manish
    manish 23rd Feb, 2017 at 7:03 pm | |

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