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  1. Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell 16th Aug, 2010 at 3:30 pm | |

    Interesting stuff Rich. The boundaries are sometimes blurred in the name of ‘convenience’, but we go along with this at our peril. I speak as someone who recently tweeted a Spotify playlist for a festival i’m attending in September to the University’s hundreds of followers. It’s an unnervingly simple mistake to make when a client like Tweetdeck allows you to manage multiple accounts from one place, and when it happens, the physical shock to your system is quite something, believe me.

    No real harm done in this case, but the previous tweet in my personal timeline was a reasonably forthright view on a recent news story, expressed in fairly Anglo-Saxon language. No need to repeat it here, but suffice to say, tweeting that to University followers probably would have seen me ‘blocked’ in more ways than one.

    I’ve since taken proper steps to separate my personal and professional channels of communication wherever possible. It’s not fool-proof, at least not when one is as foolish as I am, but it has made me feel a little more certain about who I am and when.

  2. Alastair Banks
    Alastair Banks 21st Aug, 2010 at 6:03 pm | |

    Hi Rich you make some excellent points in your post 🙂 I work closely with a number of businesses and the staff within them on Social Media, specifically helping with strategy and policy. I have a feeling that certain platforms lend themselves to certain engagement better than others, for example I use LinkedIn for my more corporate messages and networking, I run groups over there and conduct myself in a very business like manner. I use Facebook primarily for personal updates with friends and family. In fact I have a second FB profile I use for work. Twitter is a mixture of business and personal which I feel is very important for business opportunities. Twitter is great for showing some personality, you’ll get more from it that way. I think if you set out your strategy up front and define what you’re actually using these tools for it makes the process of choosing how to engage on them so much easier.

    Keep up the great posts 🙂


  3. كازينو
    كازينو 27th Aug, 2010 at 3:05 am | |

    Hi guys, tried loading this blog through Google RSS reader and got a strange error message, any ideas what could be the issue?

  4. كازينو
    كازينو 5th Sep, 2010 at 7:09 am | |

    Nevermind, works now!

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