northcott_theatreHelp us make the University of Exeter 3D campus come to life!

To the left you can see the first of many buildings to be uploaded to the Google 3D warehouse, where they will appear within Google Earth. Try running Google Earth yourself on your PC, Mac or Linux based computer and search for Exeter University, then find and explore our first model (be sure to turn your 3D layer on to see the model).

Here are a few short guides to help you to submit photos to us so that we can add beautiful textures to our naked campus models.

Our Naked campus!

Our Naked campus!

  1. Use this photo as a guide to see the buildings we have modelled. The blue squares are uploaded Panoramio photos.
  2. Take lots of pictures, don’t forget to take pictures of details. Include the name or location of the building if possible.
  3. Take separate pictures of trees with a clear sky behind them. If you can, use your flash so that the leaves are not too dark.
  4. Upload them to flickr, or photobucket and tag them as ‘uoeearth‘ so that we can find them. Alternatively email them to geo-webeditor@exeter.ac.uk.
  5. If you take a really fab photo of a University location, why not upload it to Panoramio? These appear on Google maps and Google Earth, even on mobile phones! Panoramio run monthly competitions with prizes for the best submissions.
An example tree picture

An example tree picture

Another tree

Another tree

Some more background information.

Google Earth modelling
Photo texturing
Earth poster – Streatham
Earth poster – St Lukes

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