Wiki Wiki busWikis have been around for well over a decade now, are probably best typified by the incredibly successfull and well known “Wikipedia“.

The basic premise of a wiki is simple – it is a website where pages can be created, edited, and even deleted by anyone who wishes to do so, a very different model to the traditional Information Technology methods of control and authorisation. Instead of this system wikis use back-ups and monitoring to allow people to discuss changes to pages before they happen and during the process, as well as allowing people to revert to previous states of a pages content should it be necessary.

In reality digital vandalism often means that some content does need to be protected, much like in the real world, so even Wikipedia now protects some of it’s content from change by casual users, but nonetheless the vast majority of its content can still be changed by anyone at anytime.

Wikis at the University of Exeter

Various Schools at the University have their own Wiki provision, and Academic Services also provide a wiki service for staff using ‘Confluence’ which you’ll find at:

At the moment this new central system is just being fine tuned, but will soon be open to all.

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