World of Web Technologies, 26th of March 2010

Our ‘Showcase’ event, which we renamed as the “World of Web Technologies” (bit more meaningful) was a great success, with a non-stop stream of staff and students from across the University coming  to learn more about what they could do with todays web tools. We’ve assembled a collection of media here which we captured during the day, and will add in the survey results once we’ve compiled them.

Visitors and presenters were tweeting, and creating an instant blog using their mobile phones while enjoying the show.


Fantastic photos from Nick Southall and Sue Milward. Install Cooliris to see 3D preparation, showcase & experience (great on touch-screens).


Tim Farrell is the winner of the iPod Touch!

click to see

Congratulations Tim, click here for a video


A selection of test screencasts made with Camtasia available for Windows and Mac OSX. Screencasts are perfect for training materials, and learning to use your computer, these examples are saved as very small, very compatible video files that play in your browser.

Camtasia Darren test

Recording the web

Recording Exeter University Interactive Google Map using Windows 7

Windows 7 smart focus recorded via remote desktop

Camtasia Paralells Desktop 5 demo



Enhanced Podcast made with Garageband (requires quicktime)

A podcast recorded on the day.

An Enhanced Podcast made with Garageband
(requires quicktime)
Also available as an MP3

A few comments we have received.

“All [innovations] are interesting and could be used in work”

“Very well presented and very useful event”

“Most of this was new to me. You appear to be ahead of the game”

“Podcasting and video streams for teaching [would make the most difference in my work at the University]”

“Great event, would be good to see this technology mainstream”

“Brilliant! Should do MORE!”

“So glad this innovative work is happening. It’s essential.”

“Can’t wait to introduce creative technologies in teaching & learning”

“Nice snacks! Thanks very much.”

“Very good, everyone very helpful. Look forward to your next one!”

“Many of the tools would be very useful, for specific research projects, to promote the engagement and involvement of the end users. Very important for impact”

“Second Life was fascinating!! I need to get my head round some of these technologies!!”

“Let’s do another!”

“Very interesting & useful event – should be held more frequently”

In-Depth Analysis

Rich has written an excellent in-depth analysis of the day, we would be very pleased if you could leave a comment.

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