Visit at Dyson

On 1 November 2017 a delegation of our PGRs went to visit Dyson’s headquarters in Malmesbury.

The event was a pilot for Dyson – and a full success.

Company representatives from both research and HR provided our PGRs with very interesting insights in Dyson’s research and working environment, and useful careers advice.

Particularly well received were the poster presentation sessions: Dyson went first and offered our PGRs plenty of opportunity to speak to researchers about their work, and the afternoon XM² poster session offered a chance for Dyson’s staff members to gain insights in the breadth of our research at Exeter.

The feedback from our PGRs: it was an excellent experience. Dyson and XM² hope to repeat this event next year as it is both an opportunity for our PGRs as well as for Dyson to strengthen our collaboration.

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