Infrared Sensing and Imaging Workshop: Challenges for Next Generation Materials and Devices

This week XM2 hosted a workshop focussed on Infrared Sensing and Imaging, “Challenges for Next Generation Materials and Devices” at the Rougemonth Hotel in Exeter, organised David Wright (University of Exeter) and John Lincoln (PLG Ltd). The objective of this meeting was to bring together leading industrial innovators and academics to identify technical challenges steering research to create relevant innovation and highlighting opportunities to the sypply chain. Materials from semiconductors, to glasses and coatings have long determined infrared system costs and performance. The potential impact of new materials, including man-made metamaterials, novel designs and new manufacturing processes was explored. The meeting featured presentations from companies such as BAE Systems, Thales and Amethyst Research, and academics from Southampton and Exeter. Our own XM2 researchers led the poster session.

This workshop forms part of an series of XM2 discussion meetings, which includes the 2nd Exeter Microwave Metamaterials Meeting on 11th and 12th December 2017 (, and the first Exeter Acoustic Metamaterials Meeting in April 2018.

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