PGR Joaquin Faneca at training school on Emerging Technologies for 5G Networks

Joaquin Faneca was recently in Greece (Thessaloniki) attending a training school on Emerging Technologies for 5G networks.  He received The EUIMWP (CA 16220) COST Action GRANT to cover attendance costs.

Joaquin was presenting the work he has developed between the University of Southampton and University of Exeter, about reconfigurable silicon photonic integrated circuits for future applications in 5G.

Joaquin says of his work:

My conclusions are optimistic and I thinks that this technology can make use of the photonic integrated circuits for filtering and to play a role in part of the circuits they are developing in the technology 5G . There is still a lot of work regarding the losses that the integrated circuits are playing when you integrated them with the rest of the circuitry of the 5G technology.

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