Joseph Beadle submits his thesis!

Joseph Beadle with his thesis

Congratulations to CDT PGR Joseph Beadle, who submitted his thesis last week.

Joseph was supervised by Prof. J. R. Sambles and Prof. A.P. Hibbins, and his PhD project was entitled: ‘An exploration of acoustic metasurfaces’. The aim was to experimentally explore the effect that structuring surfaces had on the near-field acoustic surface waves. The project involved both airborne and underwater acoustics. He published two papers whilst at Exeter: ‘The acoustic phase resonances and surface waves supported by a compound rigid grating’ & ‘Broadband, slow sound on a glide-symmetric meander-channel surface’.

During this time he presented at international conferences such as: ASP DFD (American physics society – division of fluid dynamics) in Denver, USA (2017), and  Underwater Acoustics Conference and Exhibition, Hersonissou, Greece (2019). Joseph has been working as a member of TEAM-A based in QinetiQ, where he is expanding on his PhD work and investigating novel underwater metamaterials for the absorption and manipulation of acoustic energy.

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