PGR contributions and poster winner at IOP Magnetism 2021

Five of our PGRs contributed to this year’s IOP Magnetism conference; IoP Magnetism is the largest conference for the UK/RoI magnetism community and features researchers/industry from across Europe.



The contributions from our PGRs were:
Oliver Latcham – “Magnetically tunable resonant acoustic transmission in phononic crystals”

Kostas Chatzimpaloglou – “Optically detected spin-orbit torque ferromagnetic resonance in an in-plane magnetized ellipse”

Connor Sait – “Optimisation of CoNi/Pt multilayers for more efficient AOS (All-optical switching”

David Newman – “Influence of a Mn ‘spy layer’ on the static and dynamic properties of a FePt/NiFe bilayer” – Winning entry for the poster prize in his poster session.

Emily Glover – “Tunable Magnetoelastic Phononic Crystals”

Well done to all the PGRs involved and congratulations to David for his winning poster. David explains his poster:

X-rays from synchrotron light sources have become valuable tools for investigating magnetization dynamics in magnetic multilayer samples through the X-ray detected ferromagnetic resonance (XFMR) technique. Unfortunately, XFMR effectively ‘averages’ over the layer of interest which poses problems when looking at structures that vary across layer thickness such as ‘exchange springs’ as in my project. In this work, we suggest that the addition of an ultrathin Mn layer can be used as a depth-sensitive probe of local magnetization behaviour thereby enhancing the reach of the XFMR method.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and was fascinated by the breadth of exciting work being done in the field. Being able to present my work in such an environment as well was such a great experience!

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