Training and other events: May 2020 to July 2020

Please find below a table of all upcoming XM² training and other events from May 2020 to July 2020. Please note due to the current lockdown situation, dates and location are subject to change.

11.05.20 CDT Group Meetings All PGRs 16:30-17:30 via Microsoft Teams
27.05.20 Poster Training 1st years 15:00-16:00 via Microsoft Teams
29.05.20 Mock Month 6 Presentations 1st years 09:45-12:30 via Zoom
02.06.20 Plasmonics (Day 1) 1st years 10:00-15:00 TBC
08.06.20 CDT Group Meetings All PGRs 16:30-17:30 TBC
09.06.20 Plasmonics (Day 2) 1st years 10:00-15:00 via Teams
19.06.20 Month 6 Presentations 1st years 09:45-12:30 via Zoom
23.06.20 and 24.06.20 Creative Futures (Advanced Creativity Training) 3rd years 10:00-11:30 (both days) via Teams
07.07.20 Open Access/Symplectic Training 1st years, optional for 2nd and 3rd years 10:00-11:00 via Teams
13.07.20 CDT Group Meetings All PGRs 16:30-17:30 TBC
16.07.20 Titles and Abstract (Optional) 2nd years 16:30-17:30 TBC
24.07.20 Beyond a PhD: Dr. Celia Butler, Senior Applications Engineer at Synopsys All PGRs 12:30-13:30 via Teams

Rosamund Herapath presents at TERANET UK-THz Symposium

On 4th and 5th December 2019, fourth year PGR Rosamund HerapathDr. Lauren Barr (alumna of the CDT) and Prof. Euan Hendry went to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for the ‘TERANET UK-THz Symposium’.

The event included 23 speakers from around the UK to discuss recent advances made in the field of mm-wave and THz research, alongside updates from ongoing collaborations and larger scale THz projects. There was also a poster session and evening meal. Topics included: THz imaging, photomodulators, THz metamaterials and others.

Rosamund at Teranet Dec 2019
Dr. Lauren Barr at Teranet Dec 2019

Rosamund presented her work ‘Terahertz Emission from a Cavity- enhanced Spintronic Trilayer’.
Lauren presented ‘Using geometry to improve modulation for single-pixel THz imaging’.
Euan presented a keynote talk ‘Computational mm-wave and THz imaging’.

Teranet UK is an EPSRC network for THz science and technology research in the UK, and encourages collaborations and communication across UK THz groups at Universities and other facilities to take advantage of the high number of THz groups in the UK.

Prof. Euan Hendry at Teranet Dec 2019