Tom Collier submits his thesis!

Congratulations to fourth year PGR Tom Collier, who has submitted his thesis, ‘Doubled-Gated Quantum Rings and Nanohelices: from Theory to Novel Applications’.

As well as his publications and conference presentations, in April 2018, Tom made an industry visit to De La Salle University, in the Phillipines, where he worked with Dr Richard Hartmann on theoretically solving non-simply connected systems with double quantum well potentials.

During his degree, Tom took part in Pint of Science 2017, giving a public talk in The Globe Inn to bring scientific research to the wider public.

Tom’s highlights of his time with the CDT include supervising an undergraduate summer student, with whom he will be submitting a paper. Looking back over his achievements during the CDT, Tom said the following:

I managed to finish with 5 first author publications in total: 3 journal articles, 1 book chapter, and 1 extended conference proceedings. I do have 3 further draft manuscripts to be submitted eventually.

I’ve managed to tutor Natural Science students taking physics or maths modules every year of my PhD, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve also managed to present at a fair few conferences. All in all, it’s been a blast.

From September, Tom will be working as a patent attorney in Brighton. He cites the CDT training on Intellectual Property awareness as the inspiration for his career choice.

Tom’s publications include:

  • T. P. Collier, “Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for angular double-well potential”, Wolfram Demonstrations Project, published: June 13, 2019
  • “Double-gated nanohelix as a novel tunable binary superlattice” accepted in Nanoscale Research Letters 29/6/19 (authors T.P. Collier and M.E. Portnoi)“Terahertz applications of non-simply-connected and helical nanostructures” Chapter 11, in Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics II. THz Circuits, Materials, Devices, edited by A. Maffucci and S. A. Maksimenko (Springer) 2019 (authors:T. P. Collier, V. A. Saroka, C. A. Downing, A. M. Alexeev, R. R. Hartmann, and M. E. Portnoi)
  • Terahertz optoelectronics of quantum rings and nanohelices, published 27th December 2018 in Semiconductors (authors T.P. Collier, A.M. Alexeev, C.A. Downing, O.V. Kibis, M.E. Portnoi)
  • Tuning terahertz transitions in a double-gated quantum ring , published 21st December 2017 in Physical Review B (authors TP Collier, VA Saroka and ME Portnoi)
  • Tuning THz transitions in a quantum ring with two gates, published 27th April 2017 in Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures (authors TP Collier, VA Saroka and ME Portnoi)

Tom presented at the following conferences:



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