Welcome to our new cohort for 2019!

Cohort 2019. Front row, L to R: James Capers, Will Borrows, Josh Glasbey.
Back row, L to R: Joe Pitfield, James Laurenson and Leanne Stanfield

We have six new students this year- after a very busy induction week, they are eager to start work on their projects! We wish them good luck for the rewarding challenge of the next four years.

The new students are:

2019 XM² cohort Theme Project Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Supervisor 3
William Borrows Acoustic and Fluid-dynamical Metamaterials New materials and structures that control the propagation of acoustic radiation Steve Hepplestone David Horsell
James Capers Microwave Metamaterials Exploring the space of electromagnetic materials, with applications to antenna design Simon Horsley Alastair Hibbins
Josh Glasbey Microwave Metamaterials Manipulating the Coupling and Scattering between Surface Waves and Plane
Waves on Metasurfaces and at their Discontinuities
Alastair Hibbins Roy Sambles Richard Craster (Imperial College London)
James Laurenson Optical, Infra-red and THz Photonics and Plasmonics To Model and Manipulate Material Scatter Effects to Control the Propagation of Electromagnetic Radiation Jacopo Bertolotti Simon Horsley
Joe Pitfield Quantum Metamaterials The Search for New Materials: Using Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Modelling to Predict New Material Structures and Phases in Constrained Systems Steven Hepplestone Misha Portnoi
Leanne Stanfield Acoustic and Fluid-dynamical Metamaterials Antenna efficiency and match manipulation using metamaterials Alastair Hibbins Roy Sambles

Many members of staff and their fellow students joined them for an all CDT Get Together:

Staff and students from CDT

Induction Week 2019 get together in Northcott Theatre

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