Summer, summer, summer time…

…Time to sit back and unwind (once your exams are out of the way!) I do love a bit of Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff…

Hello, and welcome to Term 3!

All of our residences teams  have had a really busy vacation period, with lots of conference guests visiting Exeter and staying in our residences, but hope you’ve had a lovely Easter holiday and are really pleased to see you back in your rooms.

We need YOU!

Speaking of conferences, do you need some extra cash this summer? We’ve got loads of conferences booked in to our residences, and we’re looking for some lovely students to come and join our domestic and catering teams and help out.

If flexible working hours and shifts, full training and wages starting at £6.25 per hour sound good to you, email for an application form now!

[EDIT: we’re no longer actively recruiting – thank you for all of your interest!]

 Summer accommodation

Of course, if you do decide to stay in Exeter to earn some extra cash, you may need somewhere to live! We’re offering rooms in our residences to students between 22 June and 7 September 2013 – check out our summer accommodation webpage for more info. Applications open tomorrow!

That’s it from me for now, but if you have any questions or want more information about anything I’ve written about (or not written about!), just let me know.

From me, your residence team, and all of the Accommodation Office team, welcome back and GOOD LUCK with your exams!

Accommodation Cathy

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