Decisions, decisions…

Well, what a bloomin’ marvellous Bank Holiday weekend that was, eh?! I hope you all had a lovely time, whether you were out having fun with friends and family or soaking up the rays and knowledge whilst revising. I myself spent the weekend driving my family around North Devon, baking cakes and writing an assignment (yep, I study AND work. Ooh, get me!).

But enough of that, I’m back in the office now and, apart from wondering whether I’ll get another chance to wear my flip flops this year (memories of past summers are telling me NO), I’m turning my mind to the new academic year and our lovely students.

For all you future undergraduates, today is the deadline for making your UCAS choices,  which means you (hopefully) all know which universities you’re headed for! If you’ve made Exeter your first choice (woohoo!), your thoughts may now turn to accommodation…

If you’re not sure whether catered or self catered accommodation is the way forward (don’t worry, totally normal), check out our videos on Youtube for more information and current residents’ views:

Catered accommodation at Exeter

Self catered accommodation at Exeter

There’s also loads of info about what you get in each type of accommodation on our catered and self catered webpages – take a look and see what you think, and let me know if you have any questions!

Right, I’m off to dig my wellies out again. Devon doesn’t stay this lush and green without some serious rainfall, and who doesn’t like jumping in puddles?!

Accommodation Cathy

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