Moving in (yes I know, it’s still only May!)

Helloooooo lovely people! How are you this fine morning?

We’re getting a few questions from you about arriving to your accommodation (blimey you’re organised!), so I thought I’d explain the process a bit more.

The main moving-in weekend (snappily-named Welcome Weekend) is 14/15 September 2013, with contracts all officially beginning on Sunday 15 September. Some residences accept arrivals from 14 September, so a few of you get your first two nights free, woo!

Later in the summer, once you’ve confirmed your accommodation with us, you’ll be able to book an arrival date and time slot (and parking space) – we’ll email you once the system’s ready for you.

Before 14 September, most residences aren’t ready for you to move in. What with 51week contracts ending, summer accommodation and conference bookings, we need time to clean and maintain most of our rooms so that they’re nice and ready for you to move in – 24 hours isn’t enough!

We generally don’t recommend you move in early, for a number of reasons, but we do know that some of you have to. If you are:

  • a current INTO student progressing onto a degree course;
  • a member of the Residence Life Team;
  • an MSc Finanancial Analysis and Fund Management student;
  • a student with other extenuating circumstances, which you have told us about,

then you’re fine! You’ll need to apply for what we call ‘early arrival’ accommodation in August, but don’t worry, we’ll send you the right form at the right time.

Once your early arrival application form has been submitted the Accommodation Office will contact you to advise you of your arrival details using the email address given on your application. This will normally be from late August onwards.

Some students will need to live in a temporary room – as I mentioned above, lots of our rooms aren’t available early, but we will try to offer you something. If you do take early arrival accommodation with us, you will of course be charged for the extra nights you stay.

If you’re planning on arriving any less than three days early (so, 11 September onward) we suggest you grab a local hotel or B&B room – get out and explore the city!

As ever, let me know if you have any questions.

Accommodation Cathy

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