Moving on out

Yep, this week I have M People stuck in my head, sorry!

Another week passes, another contract ends – everyone in a 40 week contract is due to move out by 10am this Saturday! Along with all of the info I’ve posted before about moving out, please remember to donate the stuff you don’t want to ReUse – loads of you have been doing this already, but we want more!

I’ve been taking a look at what has been donated so far, and thought you might like to see what we’ve got. WARNING: if you’re squeamish, you might want to look away!

So, if you’ve got the rest of that arm, unwanted cutlery, bedding, kitchen equipment, fancy dress items, unopened food items… anything – you name it, we’ll take it (though we’re not dead keen on sharp knives, alcohol or medication). Bring it along to Cornwall House and we’ll try to find it a new home with Hospiscare or our new students in September!


Enjoy the summer!


Accommodation Cathy

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