Don’t you want us (baby)?

Don’t you want us woaah-oh-oh-oh? Today’s post is brought to you by the songs of Human League. Showing my age? Nope, I just have eclectic musical tastes!

Anyway, back to the blog… So we’ve been sending out offers of accommodation to postgraduate and unconditional undergraduate students for a couple of weeks now and, although most of you have accepted your offers and paid your deposits and are all booked in for September (yay!), some of you don’t even seem to know we’ve sent you an offer (boo!).

Which means you’re missing out! Lots of offers have either expired or are about to, and we’re trying to get in touch with you all to find out what’s going on.

Maybe you’re on holiday, maybe you haven’t checked your emails for months (naughty!), or maybe you haven’t added ‘’ to your safe senders list… Whatever the reason, you risk losing your offer of accommodation if you don’t check in with us soon!

So please, log in to your accommodation account and see if we’ve made you an offer (it’ll be in the ‘Offer Information’ section). If you have questions, or need a couple of extra days to think about it, let us know.

Once you’ve accepted your offer, remember to pay your accommodation deposit (£300) to confirm your booking – we’ll send you an email once it’s all processed, and that’s all you need to do until later in the summer when we launch our online induction and arrivals systems (we’ll email you when they’re ready).

Got a question? Let me know!

Accommodation Cathy

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