Arrivals are go! Well, nearly.

Here comes the next step in the accommodation process: Accommodation Helen has been busy over the past couple of weeks, and as a result we’re nearly ready to set our arrivals system live, hurrah!

If you have:

  • accepted your offer of accommodation,
  • paid your deposit, and
  • received an email confirming your booking,

you will shortly be able to log in to your accommodation account and book an arrival date and time for this year’s Welcome Weekend (exciting!). We’ll email you when the system is up and running.

Now, since there are more than 5,000 of you due to move in on just one weekend (yep, really), we’ve decided to open up some of our residences a few days earlier than the official contract start date. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for the additional nights from 13 September onward!

From Friday 13 September you can move in to:

Birks Grange Village (self catered)
Rowe House
St German’s

From Saturday 14 September you can move in to:

Birks Grange Village (catered)
Clydesdale Court
Clydesdale Rise
Cook and Llewellyn Mews
Garden Hill House
Holland Hall (including studios)
James Owen Court
King Edward Court
Lafrowda Cottage
Moberly House
Nash Grove
Pennsylvania Court
Ransom Pickard
Rowancroft (including House and Mews)
St David’s

All residences will accept arrivals on Sunday 15 September.

Point Exers! Once your contract is finalised you can book your arrival slot directly with your residence team. Call 01392 213545 or email

If you know  you’re going to move in after Welcome Weekend, drop us a line with your name, ID number and intended arrival date, and we’ll keep your room on hold for you.

Now, go and enjoy planning what you’re going to bring (and how to fit it all into one car, as per my masterpiece below)!

Accommodation Cathy

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