Busy busy busy!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in today’s post – our phone lines have been crazy busy this morning as we’ve answered everyone’s questions stored up over the Bank Holiday weekend.

If you’re trying to get hold of us please be patient – there are up to 10 of us on the phones at any one time, and we’re doing our best to answer all of your calls and emails.

Today and tomorrow we’ll be sending out offers to the remaining ‘conditional firm’ students and to first year KPMG students, then we’ll start looking at everyone who applied after the initial deadline of 31 July.

As ever, if you have any questions please do get in touch with us.

Today’s cake is AMAZING. Courtesy of Residence Life Helen, I give you………. Minions!

I’ve chosen the minion that most resembles my face today… Can you guess which one that is?!

Accommodation Cathy

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