Time to say goodbye…

…Yep, today’s the last day of our comms centre, sad times.

For the last four weeks you’ve been talking to myself and my team about all of your accommodation questions, and we’ve done our absolute best to help you! But today, Comms Centre Charlotte, Lily and Rob are leaving us to go back to their own lives and studies, sob!

Don’t worry – you can still call the permanent Accommodation Office team with any questions you have, but it might take us a little longer to get back to you.

We do still have some offers left to send out, and we’re aiming to do this today and tomorrow. If you have any questions at all please do get in touch.

The end of the comms centre means the end of Baketition 2013 – I’m not going to lie, my waistline will thank me for that –  and we’re going to really miss the daily sugar buzz!

We’ve marked all of our daily bakes out of 10, and can now reveal the final ranking:

I know, it looks sooooo professional..! Do you agree with our order of preference? (I know you can only judge by the photos we’ve posted, rather than taste, but still – opinions welcome!)

The rest of this week’s blog posts will cover our lovely new Residence Life Team, what to do if you miss your arrivals slot, and how to add yourself to our term time room-move waiting list – keep checking in with us!

Accommodation Cathy

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