Meet the Mentors!

Sorry everyone, yet more system problems have plagued us today, resulting in this exceedingly late blog post!

This week is Training Week for the Residence Life Team, and we thought you might like a sneak peek at what the team are up to.

For 2013-14 we’re bigger than ever – we have sixty-four Mentors and fourteen Team Leaders, all ready to offer you lots of help and support during your time in residence.

All the Mentors and Team Leaders are current students with lots of experience of uni life, and they’re spending this week brushing up their knowledge of all the different support services available to students – so if there’s anything at all you aren’t sure about, please do ask the team.

If you’re living in residence this year (including students who are living in nominated rooms with private providers), your Mentor will come and visit you regularly to see how you’re doing and bring you all kinds of info, so look out for them!

If you need to get in touch with us sooner, you can find our contact details here.

The team are really looking forward to meeting all the new residents – we’ll see you soon!

Residence Life Helen 

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