Moving rooms?

Lots of you have asked about our term-time waiting list for room moves so, ever-helpful, I thought I’d tell you more about it!

First things first, if you have been on our pre-arrival waiting list, you will not be automatically added to the term-time list. We usually find that once you all move in, most of you settle into your new rooms fairly easily and change your minds about wanting a different residence.

There are, of course, some people who really do want or need to move, and if you’re one of these people you will need to add yourself to our term-time waiting list once you arrive.

You can do this quickly and easily through your MyExeter account by following these steps after logging in:

  • go to your ‘Help and Support’ tab and click ‘log a SID enquiry’;
  • hover over the ‘Accommodation’ section until a new menu appears, then;
  • click on ‘Changing room or residence’;
  • click on ‘Log an enquiry’ (at the bottom of your screen);
  • complete the form that appears with as much detail as possible, and click ‘Submit now’.

That’s it! You’re on our waiting list. We’ll reply to you letting you know if we have any suitable rooms to offer you – if we don’t, we’ll keep you on the waiting list until something does come up.

Please note that this year we have filled all of our accommodation, so it is not likely that  a room will become available immediately.

We prioritise room moves on serious welfare grounds, where supported by appropriate evidence, and for those students in shared (twin) rooms.

So, I hope that makes things a bit clearer? If you have any questions, as ever, please do get in touch or leave a comment below.

Accommodation Cathy

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