Clean up your act!

So Freshers’ Week has been and gone and I’m willing to bet that some of you have remembered that, buried deep beneath last week’s pizza boxes and drinks cans, lies a kitchen or utility room that is now in need of a clean.

You’re just not sure how to go about, well, cleaning it…

Enter us! We’ve made a cleaning guide video just for you lovely lot, helping you keep your bedroom and kitchen area nice and clean – take a peek and see if it answers any of your questions

Keep missing meals?

So, you’ve signed up to all the societies  that interested you in Freshers’ Week: sports socs, language socs, baking socs, the wine soc… So many socs, in fact, that you’re so busy after lectures you keep missing dinner.

Sound familiar?

If you live in a catered hall and know you’re going to miss a meal, you can order a replacement meal to collect from your dining room. Make sure you order it in advance, though – the chefs need time to prepare it for you!

Mmmm, look at those jacket potatoes… I’m getting hungry for lunch already!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? You know what to do!

Accommodation Cathy

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