A new dawn…….

We’ve waved Accommodation Cathy on her way to a new job in London, and I’m picking up the baton of the Accommodation Blog this week (such a tough act to follow – 24,000 views over the summer!)

You’ve been here about 3 weeks now (how time flies!) so I hope that you’ve found the laundrette facilities (and maybe even used them…) What you may not have realised that there is an easy, hassle free way to stay on top of your laundry so  you can get on with life in Exeter.

LaundryView is a great service that lets you check the availability of washers and dryers in your laundry. Just click on the link and select your laundry for an instant view of how many machines are free, which can really help to save wasted trips dragging a sackload of grubby socks.

You can even receive an email alert when your wash and dry cycles are complete – laundry doesn’t get much easier than that! (Plus, I really love how the little icons on the site wibble around when the machines are in use.  …No?  Just me?)

Themed Events

On a tastier note, have you heard about the theme days that our catering teams in the residences have arranged throughout the year?

Now, you know how much the Accommodation Team love cake (remember how caketition helped to get us through the summer!) so we’re really interested to see that the first themed event is for National Cup Cake Day on Friday 18 October.  Look out for details of the day in the dining rooms at Holland, Lopes and Birks Grange and remember you be living in catered residences to eat in these dining rooms or to go along to these themed events.

Now, where did I put my cupcake tray…?

Accommodation Helen

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