Show me the way to go home…

This week’s Housing Campaign theme is Where Do You Want To Live?  Your immediate answer might be “as close to campus as possible”, but it’s worth thinking that through – you may have more options than you think.

There’s a handy map in the My Exeter Community Guide giving an idea of the different areas you might choose to live in – all have lots going for them.  One thing to bear in mind is that landlords of properties really close to campus sometimes feel they can justify charging a higher rent just because of where their property is…  Looking at areas even a few minutes’ walk further away can yield a better deal.

As well as geography, where you want to live is also about the facilities and what’s included.  Start thinking (and talking, if you already have a group) about what your ideal home might include.  What’s on your must-have list; and what can you live without?

One option to remember is purpose-built student accommodation – especially if you’re in an en-suite room in halls and aren’t keen on sharing a bathroom.  You’ll have loads of options, including returning to University accommodation, if this seems like a good fit for you.

For now, though, the key thing to remember is that it’s still way too early to rush out and sign up for anything.  Just keep thinking and talking about what would suit you best, and put the Housing Fair in your diary – we’ll see you there!

Residence Life Helen

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