You spin me right round (baby right round)

So this week’s song inspired blog title is very loosely linked to our announcement that our fantastic new 360° virtual tours of our residences are now available for your viewing pleasure…hoorah! You can sit in the comfort of your own home and using your computer, tablet or smartphone are able to spin the camera around in order to see the full 360° aspect of our rooms, receptions, external buildings and dining halls. Pretty swish eh?

For the remainder of February and the beginning of March, the University of Exeter has a number of various events taking place in and around the campus. See what tickles your fancy below:

  • Are you feeling fit or would you like to increase your ability? Take a look at the International Sport Month events which are running until 15 March. The Atheltic Union are holding a variety of activities and taster sessions throughout the month which are open to any University of Exeter student to take part in.
  • Ever thought about volunteering? This week is National Student Volunteering Week and there are a variety of events taking place to support the local community. “Don’t wish things were better. Make them better.”
  • We are now in the midst of Fairtrade Fortnight as mentioned last week. Make sure you check out their schedule of events to see what is going on. Don’t forget that there is 10% off at various retail outlets across campus when buying fairtrade products.

Speaking of fairtrade and being sustainable, we have discovered that the Students’ Green Unit now has another round of funding available for University of Exeter students. If you are interested in environmental or ethical issues and want to make a difference, you can set up your own project with the Students’ Green Unit. Take a peak at their existing projects and see what has been done before.  With an average investment of £1,000 in the projects, the Students’ Green Unit can help you deliver your project with professional support and academic guidance. Setting up your own project with the Students’ Green Unit is a great opportunity to make a real environmental or ethical impact on or off campus. Also budget and project management skills look great on your CV which is an added bonus! If you already have a project idea or want some help thinking of one you can send them an email and application forms can be accessed from here.

Seeing as we’re talking all things sustainable today, then make sure you look at the video that UniSave made last year to help reduce students’ water consumption within halls.  Warning – the Benny Hill theme tune will be stuck in your head for a good couple of hours after watching!

Accommodation Catherine (the photograph was taken today, 26 February 2014 to show off our beautiful campus and how lovely it is when the sun does decide to come out and play!)

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