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…in the middle of our street. Our house, was our castle and our keep! Well this week ‘it must be love’ with my Madness inspired blog title, however, I am probably ruining the illusion of all things Madness by not wearing ‘baggy trousers’ whilst writing this weeks post. Sorry to disappoint! The title is rather loosely related to this weeks topic.

Now where was I? Ahh yes…if you are looking for University accommodation and the location is something that is currently being deciding upon, then read on to view the different options available and to see how far away they are from campus. This is one of the top questions that we have been asked at our visit days, you all wish to know how far you have to walk. Well this week I am answering it for you and  looking at where to live within Exeter and our on-campus  (75%) and off-campus (25%) options available. Bear with me, it is rather a long post but there is just so much for me to tell you. (To our current students, you will know about the options available, so if you scroll to the bottom of the page there are some useful updates that you should read.)

Catered – All of our catered accommodation is based on the Streatham Campus, only available for undergraduates and the approximate walking distances to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum) are between 5-12 minutes. Each of our catered residences have their own laundry facilities available on site and all bedrooms and communal areas are cleaned. For further information on what is included within catered accommodation, take a look at last week’s blog post or visit our website.

  • Mardon and Holland Hall are the closest taking between 5-7 minutes to walk to The Forum. Mardon Hall or Holland Hall are both conveniently located near to the new Sports Park (within a 3 minute walking distance) which could be really beneficial for those of you thinking about joining sports societies or those who aspire to be regular gym goers.
  • Birks Grange Village is a 12 minute walk to The Forum. It is the catered residence which is closest to St David’s Railway Station at an approximate walking distance of 12 minutes. St David’s provides mainline rail services to London, the Midlands and the north of England. Birks Grange Village has its own shop on site to cater for all residents who require the essentials.
  • Exeter Halls (Lopes Hall, Ransom Pickard and Pennsylvania Court) are within a 10 minute walking distance to The Forum. Exeter Halls is the closest catered residence to our City Centre and it could be walked within 10 minutes. Exeter Halls also have their own tennis courts available for students to use.

Self-catered – Our self-catered accommodation does vary from catered because it is based both on and off campus and is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The approximate walking distances to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum) range between 5-20 minutes. For further information on what is included within our self-catered accommodation, take a look at last week’s blog post or visit our website.

  • Birks Grange Village is an approximate 12 minute walk to The Forum. Birks Grange has its own shop on site to cater for all residents who require the essentials.
  • Cook Mews, Llewellyn Mews and King Edward Court are three residences located slightly off campus and are a 15 minute walk to The Forum. They are near to St David’s Railway Station. Residents will also have the full use of the retail and food outlets available on campus.
  • Clydesdale Court is our family/couples accommodation and laundry facilities are available on site. Both Clydesdale Court, Clydesdale Rise and Nash Grove are situated within a 9 minute walking distance of The Forum. A small play area is provided for families.
  • Duryard is located near to Birks Grange Village so has acecss to the shop on site there. It is a 20 minute walk to The Forum.
  • Holland Hall Studios are a 7 minute walk to The Forum. Holland Hall is close to the new Sports Park (within a 3 minute walking distance). Holland also has the added benefit of it’s own laundry facilities on site (no excuse to take your washing home in the holidays!)
  • James Owen Court is set within the City Centre on Sidwell Street. It is within a 20 minute walk to the Streatham Campus or 12 minutes to St Lukes. This is the closest self-catered residence to the City Centre and the main High Street is within a 3 minute walk. It is conveniently situated near to the local cinemas, Exeter Bus Station, local supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • Lafrowda is the closest self-catered accommodation to The Forum as it is only a 5 minute stroll. There is a shop located within Lafrowda and a laundrette is within easy walking distance. The Cornwall House outdoor swimming pool (open end of April – end of September) is situated nearby.
  • Rowancroft including Rowancroft Court and Rowancroft Mews were put in place for those students studying at our St Lukes Campus. For students who are accommodated at Rowancroft, there is an approximate 40 minute walk to the centre of the Streatham Campus but only a 5 minute walk to our St Luke’s Campus. There are excellent subsidised transport options for those students who are placed at Rowancroft but need to travel to Streatham.  Rowancroft is within a 5 minute stroll of Heavitree’s shopping centre which provides supermarkets, a bakery, banks and local pubs.
  • Rowe House and St German’s are within a 7 minute walk to The Forum. There are tennis courts on site for students and is 2 minutes away from Lafrowda meaning that the benefits of Lafrowda can also be enjoyed by Students staying here.
  • St David’s residences (Brunel Close/Kingdom Mews) are within a 15 minute approximate walk of The Forum. It is located close to St Davids Railway Station and can enjoy the facilities nearby including a Costa Coffee, small supermarket and pubs.

All of our self catered residences have the communal areas cleaned except for James Owen Court which has the stairwells and entrances cleaned only. All bedrooms within our self catered residences are down to the students to clean.

Now to our current students who are using the messageboard within Studentpad, you may have noticed that it is now password protected. This is for the safety of our students to stop SPAM being received. Studentpad is available to University of Exeter Students only. You can download the Messageboard Password Request form here.

As a reminder, the Residential Services Questionnaire was emailed out to all students within our residences on Monday 10 March. You only have until Friday 21 March to complete this and by completing it, you will be in with a chance to win one of three £50.00 Amazon vouchers (winners will be selected at random). Hop to it and get answering!

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