I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

watching the tide roll away. Ooh, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay wastin’ time. Are you finding yourself wasting time because your exams are over? No lectures this week? Are you wondering what to do whilst your flat mates are still revising for their exams? Well don’t fret because there is so much to do on our very own campus and plenty of exploring to do in our glorious county!

The swimming pool at Cornwall House is open and provides the perfect opportunity for some relaxing in the sunshine, obviously getting fit in the pool is a bonus too!  We are also very blessed in this part of the world to have some glorious beaches and countryside within a short commutable distance via buses, trains or even a nice cycle if you’re feeling super fit! Most beaches have shop provisions nearby for any water sport activities that you may wish to partake in.  Dartmoor is a short bus journey away with some fantastic planned walks for you to go on or why not try a spot of letterboxing? Exmoor is also available for some fun outdoor activities including climbing, canoeing and even stargazing! For more information on what our city and the surrounding areas has on offer, make sure you check out Visit Devon for up to date information and events.

We now have a little plea for those students who either live (or have lived) in University accommodation, you will probably have applied for accommodation online via our webpages. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are invited to attend a drop-in session on Wednesday 28 May from 11am-3pm in the Forum.  We will be located in the Group Zone in the Student Services Centre (SCC). Keep your eyes peeled for our accommodation banner.

Why do we need you? Well, the Accommodation Office is in the process of testing a new accommodation reservation program to be ready for students joining us in 2015/16. We need your help by submitting some accommodation applications for us to practise with. We will then send you an offer of accommodation – fear not! It shall be a fake offer and you will not be charged for accommodation! All you need is your student ID number to apply – it’s that easy! Those of you who do come along and help us out, there will be chocolate on offer! (Surely the promise of chocolate is enough to make you come running, am I right?)

Now, in last week’s blog I mentioned that I will be giving you some advice on moving out. So please read these bullet points below to guarantee a stress-free move and also keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages for useful hints and tips:

  • Don’t leave it all to the last person in your flat because that might end up being you. Make sure your flat gets together in plenty of time and plans the BIG TIDY! Make a list of who is responsible for what and when this needs to be done by.
  • The kitchen needs to be thoroughly cleaned which includes: emptying and defrosting the fridge/freezer, cleaning the oven and microwave, taking your rubbish/recycling out and ensure your rooms are left as you found them when you first moved in. (If you are in catered accommodation, your mini fridge will need to be defrosted, emptied and cleaned also).
  • Book a room inspection with your residence.
  • When you do vacate your room and hand back your keys, make sure you hand your keys in directly and do not pass them on to a friend to do so. If they lose the keys, it will be you that gets charged.
  • Ensure you read the moving out guide for further advice on moving out.

Sorry it’s been a long one this week but there is so much to tell you all. If you need any assistance from the Accommodation Office then we will be in The Forum between 12-2pm Monday-Friday.

Accommodation Catherine


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